These are the stated terms and conditions under which all bookings are made or cancelled.

we strongly advise all guests to purchase insurance cover for any unforeseen events that may occur.unforeseen events occur more 0ften than is anticipated. it is the sole responsibility of the guest to protect themselves in the event an unplanned or unforeseen circumstance interupts their visit to the Old Rectory.


Booking Deposits

Upon taking a direct booking, the deposit will be taken to secure the booking; the booking then becomes confirmed. No booking will be secured without a deposit payment. and will remain unconfirmed.The balance becomes due and payable upon demand immediately after the expiration of the cancellation period. We accept Visa, Switch, Maestro, Mastercard credit and debit cards that are chip and pin secure. If a reservation is changed more than three times, an administration fee will be charged. We reserve the right to amend or cancel a booking in appropriate circumstances.


No fees are payable if a booking is cancelled within 24 hours, deposits will be refunded in full.

Cancellations after that , up until seven days before arrival will be subject to a 50% refund .

Cancellations with less than seven days before arrival will be payable in full.

The Old Rectory’s standard arrival time is 4pm and departure time is 9.00am. Early arrival and late departure must be by prior agreement with the management, or charges may be incurred. Charges will be made at the rate of £10 for every hour or part thereof before midnight, and double there after that. Please note that our reception closes at If guests require an early departure breakfast between the hours of 6am and 8am, a charge may be made. We reserve the right to refuse admission if no notice has been given of very late arrival, and no refund will be given. departure after 10.30 am will only be by prior arrangment. there will be a standard charge for late departures not previously agreed.

Drug, Alcohol and Behaviour Policy

We reserve the right to refuse entry at any time. We reserve the right to immediately evict a guest in the event of alcohol, drug or behavioural abuses. In the case of criminal damage or disturbance, we will press charges. The Old Rectory is a licensed premises and Only alcohol that has been purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises.

if permission is granted for the guest to consume alchol not purchased from the old rectory, the Old rectory reserves the right to charge a corkage fee of £5.if no permission is granted the guests will be charged the full price for any alcohol consumed on the premises. we are required to carry out training, purchase stock and equipment, just like any other licensed premises.holding a license to serve drink is not free.Drink purchased at supermarkets are “off” sales ,intended for home consumption, and cannot be legally consumed in “on” premises.please be aware the it is breaking the law.licensed premises are empowered to evict customers found consuming alcohol not purchased at that licensed premises.

Food, Smoking, Pet, and Cycling Policies

No food or drink which has not been purchased here may be consumed on the premises. we are not your

The Old Rectory has a non-smoking policy within the building but has provided a shelter for smokers.

We regret we do not accept pets, but we can recommend other premises that do.

The Old Rectory provides secure cycle racks and a locked storage room for cyclists. There is a local service and repair shop in walking distance.

Candles and Damage Policy

Guests are advised that burning candles is totally prohibited at all times. Should any guest be found to have been causal to the creation of any hazard or damage, all costs, damages and compensation arising will be their liabilities . Electric candles are provided by the Old Rectory , when requested.

‘The Small Print’

Bookings cannot be amended, delayed, transferred or sold on. They remain the exclusive contract between the Old Rectory and the booker. No amendment to the original contract can or will be accepted by the Old Rectory. Any persons arriving other than the booker will be regarded as new business and charged the full tariff. Once a booking has been cancelled verbally or in writing it cannot be reinstated, without specific written agreement by the management of the Old Rectory. We reserve the right to transfer or upgrade to an equivalent or higher value room. All bookings are provisional, subject to the approval of management. Deposits from agents and brokers taken to secure the booking are conditional, and require the acceptance of management. The management reserves the right to correct or amend any part of the booking at any time. Every care is taken to ensure that information is accurate, up to date and factual, but in the event of human error, the management reserves the right to correct any misinformation and contact the guest directly to advise of any changes before the booking is accepted. We reserve the right, as a matter of last resort and in extreme circumstances, to re-assign your booking to an alternative guesthouse of similar status and cost, within the locality. Bookings made in error ,are not the responsibility of The Old Rectory. Guests are responsible for reading our terms and conditions prior to making a booking.

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